Make The Best Design for Living Room Decor

Make The Best Design for Living Room Decor is very easy. The room commonly used to receive guests in the living room. Sometimes many who imagine a comfortable living room is luxurious living room, whereas a simple living room can also be very comfortable and modern look with a way of designing it properly and precisely.

Living Room Decor
Living Room Decor

Living room decor with 3×3 size is a small living room with a small size that is usually in the house type 36. To be able to make this 3×3 size living room comfortable and modern we can imitate the designs that exist today.

Well, on this occasion we will share the design of a 3×3 size minimalist living room that will help you find ideas in designing the living room of your home. living room with 3×3 size means the living room measuring 3 meters by 3 meters. The living room of this size includes an ideal size for some type of medium-sized house.

The size of the living room of this model is moderate and requires special attention in designing it to create a beautiful and comfortable living room design.

For the model of the living room with 3×3 size, this time has many examples, of course, this is very beneficial to us because there are many options in imitating the existing design. For furniture san furniture that fits with this size is also very much choice so no need to worry about the availability of furniture and furniture.

Then how to design a minimalist living room with size 3×3 it? Here are some examples of a modern 3×3 modern minimalist living room design for your home living room arrangement reference.

How do you think the design of a 3×3 size living room above? is that what you expect? we hope that the designs that we share there are in line with your expectations so that you can apply to your home. Furthermore, to make the living room minimalist size 3×3 this feels more comfortable and good you can listen to some things below.

Things to consider in a minimalist living room design size 3×3

1. The theme used

To create a nice and comfortable Living Room Decor, you have to determine a suitable theme for living room with 3×3 area. For a living room with a model like this minimalist theme is the most tepa to be applied because this theme emphasizes simple and concise so that the living room looks more spacious and modern look.

2. Size of furniture

A minimalist living room with 3×3 size is a small living room so do not use large furniture because it will make the living room becomes more narrow and crowded. Use furniture that is small or ideal for 3×3 size so that the living room has room for moving use.

The use of ideal furniture with the size of roared guests 3×3 size will make the living room feels balanced and feels spacious when used or abandoned.

How to make the best living room decor?

3. Decoration on living room

To beautify the living room can be added decoration in the living room media of paintings or mirrors. Painting can provide a visual effect on the living room as if the roar of a more lively guest. For the mirror can be used in living room size 3×3 in hopes can provide a wide visual effect on the living room because the mirror can give a broad impression of the narrow living room.

4. Colors of paint

Color paint used in living room minimalist size 3×3 this should use a bright colour because of the bright colours will also make a narrow living room becomes more spacious and more spacious. Avoid the use of dark colours in the narrow living room because it will make the impression more narrow in the living room.

5. Room lighting

In addition to the bright colours of good lighting is also very important for 3×3 size living room, for the living room size of this model including small size so for lighting in the living room this model should be made light so that the living room feels more spacious or wider.

6. Select slim furniture

Because theĀ living room decor minimalist size 3×3 included in the living room with a small size of furniture and furniture used should have a slim model because it will be efficient in the use of the room.